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Preview: We are the Future
    I closed my eyes, held my breath and pulled the trigger. Close, hold, pull. Close, hold, pull. Close, hold, pull. I repeated this process in my mind. One by one my enemies fell down on the battlefield. I looked around the area, a land mass of destruction and death. How did it end up like this? Why did it start? Will we lose or win?
    We ended WW3, but now only exactly a year later. September 3, 2023…we started WW4. A war more different than the others. A war fought for the same reason as the many others in history. For freedom. For equal rights. For each other. What's different about this war is that it's not country versus country. But…it's children and teens versus the adults and elders. It's a known fact that we, the younger generations, are losing, and badly at that. We know it's no use to fight back, but we are determined to win. We are much weaker and do not have much knowledge about war, yet can't the adults understand? We are the future and they…are on
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Mature content
Clue :iconkouri-okami:Kouri-Okami 1 0
Sparkle old thingy by Kouri-Okami Sparkle old thingy :iconkouri-okami:Kouri-Okami 1 2
Mein Little Sister Chapter 6 ~Preview~
Prussia opened the door with a wide smirked plastered on his face. "Hallo praise the awesome me, for I have arrived and your sucky lives have gotten awesomer~!"
Uta giggled and imitated Prussia, "Hallo everyone! The even awesomer me is here too~"
Every single nation had turned and stared at the two. Some mumbled unpleasant things and others went "Aaw, how adorable!" The silence was overwhelming for a young nation like Uta and like any child would do, she clung tightly onto Prussia's blue uniform and started to cry, until someone was brave enough to speak up.
"Privet young one. Would you like to become one with Mother Russia?" Russia slowly walked towards her and asked sweetly. Worried for the safety of his little sister, Prussia slowly backed off from the Russian. Sadly, being the little social butterfly she was Uta jumped out of his grip and landed on Russia. The Russian smiled cheerfully and held her with care. Uta knew her big bruders had warned her about this man but to her he didn
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Capt. Sheepy by Kouri-Okami Capt. Sheepy :iconkouri-okami:Kouri-Okami 0 0 The first of my many sheep drawings.... by Kouri-Okami The first of my many sheep drawings.... :iconkouri-okami:Kouri-Okami 1 5
The Adventures of Le'BAaa: Hetalia Ch 1
Chapter 1: Somehow, Someway, We're in Hetalia
It was 9:45 p.m. and a Vietnamese girl was on her laptop. She was on a three-way video chat with her two best friends.
"Hey Alena, guess what?" said an Italian, Polish, Irish, Scottish, British, AND Hungarian girl.
The viet replied back with a smirk, "England is #1 and Prussia is awesome?"
"No! You got it wrong again. It's Mr Austria is awesome!"
Alena laughed at her friend's comment. "Sorry Brynna, I was doing it on purpose you know."
"Alright you two, I still don't get what you're talking about," said a quarter Spanish, quarter English, quarter Irish, and another quarter Prussian girl.
"What!?" screamed Brynna and Alena into the screen. Alena was starting to spazz right in front of her friends. On the other hand, Brynna remained calm.
"Lucy, have you actually watched at least half of Hetalia?"
"Um no, I've only gotten to episode 2 of the first season..."
"Lucy, I c
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Mein Little Sister Chapter 5
Mein Little Sister
A/N: Ok so I don't feel like writing a chapter but today I will write down down a chapter about how Prussia came to have a sister complex for Uta.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything HAP except for my oc characters all of Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
Today was a week after Prussia had found Uta...
Uta was extremely bored, she had got into a fight with the weird old man again and his brother had called both of them into a time out! "I can't believe i have to go into a time out." said Prussia.
"It's not my fault you tried to steal my potatoes! I mean you have your own bowl of them right in front of your face, but nooo you just had to take mine and eat it all." Uta had said through gritted teeth. Prussia became silent and hung his head down low. He started to mumble about something and Uta felt very awkward about it.
" well Prussia I'm sorry about yelling at you and er well I just wanna say uh...(starts to mumble) I think you're awesome." Uta
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Mein Little Sister Chapter 4
Mein Little Sister
A/N: Ok I'm bored and I kno I just posted a chapter a couple of hours ago but I can't take it anymore so here's chapter 4. P.s Uta's country name is The replublic of Gerssia(pronounced Jersha)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything HAP except for my oc characters all of Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
At the world meeting...
"America you bloody wanker! Why did you throw my homemade crumpets on the floor."
A man with bushy eyebrows yelled and the so called America answered with a "Ahahaha the hero can't eat something as disgusting as English food, I'd rather have some coke and a burger at McDonald!"
"Bruder are you sure this is the right place? There's some people shoutin' in there. " Uta said.
Germany had an annoyed look on his face but nodded a yes. " Stay here with Prussia and wait for him to bring you in okay?"
"Okay big bruder!"
Prussia said he was technically too awesome for the meetings and didn't want to go but went anyway only to say that he went for
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Mein Little Sister Chapter 3
Mein Little Sister
A/N: Boo I'm sick today eh(shrugs) I'll do my best for everyone…is anyone even reading this? Forget it let's just go on with the story…
Disclaimer: I don't own anything HAP except for my oc characters all of Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
"Um big bruder Prussia? Why are you making me wear this dress?" Uta was completely confused. Just a few days back she was having fun on her land, suddenly got kidnapped by a weird old man and found out she's related to him and his brother! Sure Prussia and her didn't get along at first but who would have known he would have a sister complex…
"It's for you to look as awesome as me! Now listen to your big bruder Prussia and you will be successful in life."
Germany punched him on the head and said, "Don't listen to him okay Uta? If you do you will die."
Uta was freaked out now, not this 'cause she was actually used to all of this.(A/N: That means she's used to Prussia and Germany stripping her naked and c
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Mein Little Sister Chapter 2
Mein Little Sister
A/N: Yay `I am so hyper today be warned for well nothing!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything HAP except for my made up characters all of Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
"Ve~ Germany do you want any pasta?" slurped Italy.
"No thank you Italia..."
"How about some wurst?" Italy asked starting to get worried for one Germany didn't want pasta and two for the fear of him not wanting wurst either. Germany just shook his head no.
"Germany-san are you okay?" Japan asked while serving up some tea. Germany was about to reply but then Prussia came in dragging in a dark brown-haired girl with a tint of blonde and crimson red eyes behind him.
"Hey west! You know that piece of land that broke off from us a couple of weeks back? Well the awesome me has found this thing running around on it!" Germany just stared in shock while Prussia had a gleam of triumph in his eyes.
"Let me go now you weirdo! I'm not a freakin' thing!" The little girl said.
"What? I'm not weird I'm a
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Mein Little Sister Chapter 1
Mein Little Sister
A/N: um hi HetaliaFreakazoid here and this my first fan fiction so criticism is aloud. Well I'm not very good with titles but the story is way more better. Err anyway let's begin!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything HAP except for my made up characters all of Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
"Oi~ west mein stomach hurts!"
"I told you already mine does too. Just deal with it."
Prussia started to roll on the floor whining, "The awesome me can't be sick! I'm way too awesome to be thrown down by this worthless stomach ache!"
"Bruder will you stop shouting!" Germany pounded Prussia on the head.
Meanwhile…a part of Prussia and Germany was breaking away from them, and soon enough a country was born.
On the broken land…"Woohoo this is fun! Um…hey voice what's mein name again?"
"It's _ _."
"Oh ok!"
Two weeks later…
"Hey voice what's a family?" The young girl asked. She has asked a lot of questions over the past few days and she learned quite a l
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Short story of the week! #1: The Toys
Short story of the week! #1: The Toys
Everyday Vivian would come home reluctantly to find her father drunk. Her father being in a worldwide known criminal organization, would hit her and abuse her, but he wasn't always like that. He used to be a kind man,who loved his daughter very much. When Vivian was younger he would always give her a stuffed toy and toys have accumulated over the years. Her old father was gone now, and all he is now is just an emotionless doll. Vivian knowing all of this went through pain and loneliness day in and day out.
  One day her father had abused her and had threaten to kill her. Vivian being too scared to confront her father ran straight to her room and slammed the door shut with a 'thump'! Vivian crying into her pillow suddenly felt a soft touch on her head, but she ignored it. Right after she heard someone say, "Vivian do not be sad, we are still here for you." Vivian was shocked and lunged her head toward the thing that was
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Le'BAaa by Kouri-Okami Le'BAaa :iconkouri-okami:Kouri-Okami 0 19 Color My World: Hetalia by Kouri-Okami Color My World: Hetalia :iconkouri-okami:Kouri-Okami 1 40 Sakura Name by Kouri-Okami Sakura Name :iconkouri-okami:Kouri-Okami 0 2


I rlly love how detailed this picture is. Especially since this is the first time you ever drew a lion. It gives me the feeling of fier...


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   I've been thinking these past few days and my brain conjured up some great ideas a.k.a I was dreaming. Well I've decided to give myself a project....actually projects. I know most of my watchers are just friends, but I hope that thanks to these four, yes FOUR writing projects that I will get more watchers, plus it is also a way for me to pass by time during the summer. So to start off My first two writing projects are more of a romance series, my third project is either close to the fantasy genre or the real life genre, and my fourth project is based off of a song. The fourth project will most likely be the longest one that I will be working on. I don't really know which one to start first since they are all very interesting, so I'm hoping that the people that are watching me will comment and help me decide which one to write or at least narrow it down. The plots of the story are vague at the moment, but it is all up to you guys to decide. I really do hope that someone is reading this. Ciao~


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